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Hand Dyed Shibori Fabric Cover Journal

35 EUR

A truly unique handmade journal is here to inspire and remind you how good it feels to put your thoughts on paper. Fill it with your great ideas!

The notebook is covered with tie dyed (Shibori) cotton fabric that makes it special one of a kind personal item. It is a great companion in your travels or everyday adventures, being thick and sturdy it will keep your ideas perfectly safe. And for you not to get lost in so many pages of this notebook there is a ribbon attached to the spine that will let you keep track of your progress. And of course, for a better organisation, there are two pockets in the notebook. So grab one and enjoy!

Item size: 15 x 22 cm (6" x 8.7")
Number of pages: 100 sheets or 200 pages
Paper type: 80 g/m2 white paper/recycled white paper (at the moment we don't offer recycled brown paper)
Cover materials: cardboard + cotton fabric
Page corners: round

If you would like a customised version of this type of journal, please let me know and maybe I will be able to make it happen.

Welcome to Liucija Textiles world! It is open to everyone, and you will particularly enjoy it, if you are a life traveller, explorer of colours, patterns and textures. In here we love natural materials, subtle dreamlike imagery and intricate details that make up all the beauty around.  

Meet the maker:

My name is Liucija Dervinyte and I am the textile artist, designer and maker behind the brand Liucija Textiles.

My passion for creativity, arts and design started in Lithuania and led me to the school of arts, later to study textile design in Edinburgh. After finishing the studies I continued my travels – moved to The Netherlands for an internship in Amsterdam. And then back to the United Kingdom, this time – Liverpool. This is where I started gathering all my creative ideas together, buying materials, tools and making products. Very slowly I began the journey towards my dream career. After one year in Liverpool, together with my husband, we moved to Mexico. Two years later we decided to go back to Europe and explore the creative opportunities on this side of the world.

Here I am developing my brand, exploring possibilities in textiles and making handmade fashion and home decor accessories, as well as stationery products and one of a kind art pieces. My favourite techniques are watercolour and ink drawing, Shibori dyeing and hand embroidery. Combining these techniques lets me create intricately patterned details in the handcrafted pieces.

The main influences in my creative work are travelling and exploring new places, nature and man-made structures, patterns, textures and colours that surround us. I find the details in everything and that is what makes me seek for more.

My creations feature dreamlike pastel tonal variations, fractured patterns and subtle textures. I enjoy a natural feel of things, therefore like to use natural materials, especially linen for my textiles products, and recycled papers for the notebooks. I also experiment with natural dyes and seek finding new more sustainable ways for production processes.


Have some interesting ideas? Would like to make a wholesale order? Feel free to contact me with your inquiries! I am up for collaborations, freelance work and conversations.

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